Are you looking for cotton sanitary pads to help you manage your periods comfortably? Check out the best cotton sanitary pads handpicked for you!

Managing periods is never easy. From managing mood swings to discomfort, you have so much to deal with and ensure that you maintain good menstrual hygiene practices. Using comfortable cotton sanitary pads in hot or humid environments can prevent rashes or infections. These pads are usually biodegradable and do not irritate when moving around. To help you choose a pack of comfortable cotton sanitary pads, we have compiled a list of the best cotton sanitary pad brands, carefully selected just for you!

What are cotton sanitary pads?

Cotton sanitary pads are menstrual pads with a cotton top layer. They are typically made of blended cotton fibres, microfibers, or wood pulp. Plus, the best cotton pads for menstruation are comfortable, breathable, and non-toxic. There is no plastic material on the pad’s upper surface.

5 best cotton sanitary pads for a comfortable and eco-friendly period

1. Plush 100% Pure U.S. Cotton Sanitary Pads

This sanitary pad has a natural, ultra-soft cotton top sheet that is dermatologically proven to keep you dry and comfortable all day. Plus, feel feather-like and soft with a barely there feeling and these pads move with your body and stay in place no matter what you’re doing. This box comprises 8 light flow pads, 6 heavy flow pads, and 2 panty liners, designed to accommodate all of your flows throughout your cycle. Each one is safe for delicate skin and naturally absorbent.

2. PEESAFE Organic Regular Sanitary Pads

This sanitary pad is designed with a 100 percent organic cotton top sheet and FSC-certified bamboo fibre for further leakage protection. Moreover, each product is separately packed in disposable bags and is biodegradable. Due to their sustainable construction, which includes organic cotton and bamboo pulp, sanitary pads last longer. Also, this sanitary pad is carefully made for regular flow.

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3. AZAH Cotton Sanitary Pads

This sanitary pad is made of 100 percent organic cotton. They offer maximum comfort with an ultra-thin, breathable bottom improving air circulation. It also guarantees a rash-free experience with their cotton sanitary pads for women offering superior comfort, making it suitable for all kinds of skin types. Plus, the high-quality material used to make these is four times more absorbent than sanitary napkins, which makes them ideal for ladies who use heavy flow pads.

4. Stayfree Secure Cotton Sanitary Pads

This sanitary pad is very comfortable to wear throughout the night. It comes with a soft, cotton cover and leak lock technology that won’t feel wet even if it absorbs up to 100 percent of the fluid instantly. Its 320 mm in length and broader back also offer 2 times more coverage and prevent back leaks. It is also safe for all skin types and the odour control system helps you to feel fresh, all the time!

5. NIINE Naturally Soft Cotton Sanitary Pads

This sanitary pad comes with an extra soft and cotton top layer for added comfort during napkin usage. Its cotton pad with soft edges helps shield you from getting rashes before, during, and after your period. For added security and good absorption during your periods, it also has fast absorption. Additionally, a fresh scent offers comfortable feminine protection and aids in the removal of unpleasant odours.

How to use cotton sanitary pads and maintain them?

  • Change pads at least every 4-6 hours for sanitary purposes.
  • Before throwing away used pads, tightly wrap them.
  • Never use the toilet to flush pads or liners.
  • To make access to spare pads easy, place them in a handbag or bag.
  • Use resealable baggies for used pads when traveling.
  • Reusable cotton pads should be hand-washed with cold water and soap.
  • Use panty liners to line undergarments as a backup.

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