Want to switch from sanitary pads to tampons? Check out this list of best tampon packs that are highly absorbent and cost-effective.

Nowadays, many women prefer tampons over sanitary pads due to issues like rashes and discomfort. Tampons are more comfortable and easy to use. Also, for heavy flows, it is advisable to use tampons as they have a higher absorption capacity that helps prevent stains and leaks. If you are looking for the best tampons to make your period less of a hassle, we have got you covered. Here is a list of the best tampons you can try.

What is a tampon?

Tampons are disposable period products that are usually cylindrical and constructed of soft, absorbent materials like rayon, cotton, or a combination of the two. They are inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual fluid directly.

5 best tampons for periods

Check out the best tampons for every period flow you can try!

1. Sofy Soft Tampons

This tampon is made for regular period flow. If you are looking for a regular period flow product, this is a good product for you. This tampon can soak up to 8 hours of leakage but it may vary according to individual needs. Plus, it gives you freedom from wetness and discomfort. This pack consists of 32 tampons. Plus, it comes with a proper guide on how to insert the tampons to help you avoid TSS ( Toxic Shock Syndrome).

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2. Evereve Tampons

This tampon has been dermatologically verified by the FDA and FSC. It is made of fibres that are safe for both your body and the environment. Additionally, it has an extremely high absorption capacity, so you can swim, take a bath, play sports, work out, and do anything you want without worrying about leaks, smell, or regular changing. It also keeps rashes at bay and fits so well that you will feel that you’re not even wearing anything.

3. O.b. ProComfort Tampons

This tampon is made from highly absorbent fibres with curved grooves technology for reliable protection. It is best suitable for heavy flow of periods. There are a total of 30 heavy-flow tampons in this pack. Additionally, a silk touch cover is included for the simplest insertion and a comfortable fit all day.

4. Bella Tampon Super Plus for Women

This tampon is advised for very heavy bleeding. The top layer is non-woven and incredibly soft. Additionally, it features eight unique channels to guarantee efficient liquid distribution and prompt absorption of high menstrual flow. There are 16 tampons in total in this bundle. Moreover, using panty liners is recommended for extra protection.

5. Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons

This tampon is made from 100 percent organic cotton. It comes with an extra-soft, natural, more comfortable, and biodegradable disposal option. Plus, it is designed to be easily inserted into the vagina during menstruation and absorb the menstrual flow. This pack consists of 16 tampons in total. It also has excellent absorbency, 100 percent stain resistance, and the ideal size.

How to choose the best tampon?

Before you purchase the best tampon, consider the following factors in mind:

1. Material

Tampons are made from a variety of materials. While some are manufactured entirely of organic cotton, others also include rayon or cellulose. The best option is to use toxin-free, FDA-approved pure organic cotton tampons.

2. Absorbency

Not everyone experiences the same level of menstruation. Some have light periods, while others have quite heavy ones. Tampons should be used for the flow of your menstruation.

3. Size

A tampon must fit your vagina precisely to prevent discomfort and leaks. There are a lot of options on the market that, depending on your size, grow after insertion and remain inside your vagina.

Why are tampons preferred over sanitary pads?

Menstruation days are always stressful for women, and it’s made worse by being unable to do the activities they enjoy. There is always a chance of leaking with sanitary pads, which can cause discomfort.

Tampons, on the other hand, are created to address these concerns. They are usually made using an absorbent material plug that is placed into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood, allowing you to do activities such as cycling, swimming, and climbing which are difficult to do with sanitary pads. Plus, they are exceptionally comfortable and easy to use as compared to sanitary pads because they are constructed of soft and high-absorbent materials.

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