You don’t need a dozen fancy ingredients to cook up a mouth-watering meal, and the same goes for your workouts. There are so many different ways to work up a sweat with little to no equipment, and these at-home dumbbell workouts are proof. You’re able to strengthen and tone from head to toe with something you already have on hand.

Whether you’re into HIIT, dance, or cardio, try these seven at-home dumbbell workouts that are anything but boring. They ensure you’re challenged the entire time. And by the time you make your way through the list a few times, you’ll have the muscles to prove just how powerful a single pair of dumbbells can really be.

Challenging at-home dumbbell workouts for every part of your body

1. Full-body HIIT workout with weights

All of these at-home dumbbell workouts are great, but this one combines HIIT and weights, allowing you to strengthen and get in some cardio at the same time.

2. 10-minute core and arm workout

Using a dumbbell in this core and arm workout makes the moves—like quarter get-ups and butterfly sit-ups—even more challenging.

3. Full-body cardio workout

Trainer Amanda Kloots makes cardio fun in this full-body workout that uses dumbbells to take your sweat sesh to another level.

4. At-home upper body workout

Target your upper body in this quickie workout that will make your arms burn using moves like dual-tricep kickbacks and wide rear-delt presses.

5. Dancer legs workout

This workout from trainer Rahel Ghebremichael combines the power of dance and weights. By using dumbbells during exercises like pliés, you’re able to strengthen your body on another level.

6. At-home core and glute workout

Blast your core and booty with this 10-move dumbbell workout. After doing everything from lateral bird dogs to single-leg glute bridges, you’ll surely be feeling the burn.

7. 15-minute dancer arms workout

You’ll be well on your way to dancer arms in just 15 minutes with this workout that has the option to add dumbbells as an extra muscle-booster.

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