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Whether you like exercising at home, at the gym, or on the go, one handy tool can help take your workout to the next level: workout sliders. Also referred to as exercise gliders, ab sliders, exercise disc sliders, or strength slides, these pieces of equipment are small, making them easy to take when you travel, and, the best part, they’re relatively affordable. If you’re curious about exercise sliders and want to try them, fitness experts say these are the best ones worth your dollars.

Read on for details, plus answers to all your pressing slider questions, including whether they are worth it and ways to incorporate them into your workouts.

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Experts In This Article

  • Eric Johnson, Eric Johnson is a certified celebrity personal trainer and the co-founder of Homage Fitness.
  • Stephanie Thomas, ACE-certified personal trainer and founder of Stephanie Thomas Fitness

7 best workout sliders, according to fitness pros

Best overall workout sliders:

Best workout sliders for beginners:

Muvin, Core Sliders — $15.00

“I like how these sliders are larger and can fit your entire foot,” Thomas says. “This will make it easier for beginners to find balance while using the sliders.” Plus, these exercise sliders are made of an impact-resistant thermoplastic resin that makes them ideal for use on any surface, including carpet and hardwood floors.

Valslide — $30.00

“The original Valslide is my favorite slider,” says celebrity certified personal trainer Eric Johnson. “This version took a furniture moving instrument and glorified it for the fitness heavens.” Bonus: They come in classic green, ninja black, and hottie pink to match whatever style.

Best advanced workout sliders:

SKLZ, Slidez — $30.00

If this isn’t your first rodeo with exercise gliders and you want to take it up a notch, Johnson recommends these. “I like the versatility of this slider because it has a larger surface area and can connect together,” he says of their hexagonal shape and clip-together function. They can be used with hands or feet and work on most surfaces.

Gaiam, Core Sliding Discs — $10.00

These gliding core discs are on the smaller side, which is why Thomas thinks they’re great for people already comfortable using sliders. The smaller size also makes them even more portable and easy to pack for workouts on the go.

Best budget workout sliders:

Hurdilen, Core Sliders — $8.00

For less than $10 bucks on Amazon, you can’t beat these workout sliders. Thomas recommends these for folks who want to dip their toes into doing slider exercises without spending a lot of money. Their dual-sided design makes them versatile. The fabric side can be used on hard and smooth surfaces, while the plastic side is best on soft surfaces like carpets.

Best sliders for multiple surfaces:

AzureLife, Core Sliders — $9.00

While most exercise gliders can be used on various surfaces, Thomas likes these for this purpose, thanks to their double-sided design. The smooth plastic side works on carpets or atop a blanket, while the foam side works on hard floors, wood floors, or tiles.

Workout slider FAQs

Are exercise sliders worth it?

The short answer: Yes! Here’s why: “Sliders allow one to perform advanced progressions of certain exercises by increasing levers but still have an added stability component since you are maintaining contact with the floor,” Johnson says. Thomas adds that sliders are also low-impact, making them a good option for people with joint issues or injuries.

As for what results you can expect from using workout sliders, Thomas says you can look forward to increased core strength. “Sliders activate the core muscles, making them amazing for building core strength and stability,” she explains. “Just try regular mountain climbers versus slider mountain climbers, and you’ll quickly see the difference.” Since using sliders also requires balance, you may also notice your balance improves overall.

And, because mixing things up when it comes to working out can keep things interesting, Thomas points out that versatility is another pro of using exercise sliders. They can be used for many exercises and incorporated into a variety workouts, including core, leg, and cardio exercises.

In particular, Johnson likes using exercise sliders for stability ball leg curls or planks because if they become easier, you can challenge yourself to do more difficult progressions by including the sliders. Thomas also recommends incorporating them when doing mountain climbers, plank jacks, slider lunges, hamstring curls, pikes, push-ups, and burpees. There’s one caveat, though: “Start slow and add one or two of these workouts to your workout,” she advises.

What are the best exercise sliders?

When shopping for exercise sliders, there are some guidelines to remember. For starters, Thomas recommends examining for quality. “Look for sliders made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use,” she says. After all, getting the most bang for your buck is ideal, so you want sliders meant to last.

In addition to the quality of the sliders, ensure they’ll be a fit for what you need them for. Thomas says that includes choosing the correct size for your hands and feet. Pro tip: They’re not the right fit if you have difficulty fitting your feet in the slider. And if you plan on taking your exercise gliders on the go, such as to the gym or for traveling, Thomas says portability is another important aspect to consider.

And lastly, Thomas recommends opting for exercise gliders that are compatible with the surface you’ll be using them on, whether carpet or hardwood floors. This will help prevent injury and provide a stable workout.

What can I use instead of sliders for a workout?

While waiting for your sliders to arrive in the mail, Johnson says you can also use a TRX (suspension strap system) or a glute ham roller instead of sliders. Thomas recommends using towels or paper plates as substitutes as well.

Do sliders work on gym floors?

“Sliders can work on the gym floor, but they may not glide as smoothly on rubber or carpeted floors,” Thomas notes due to the friction. However, not all gym floors are the same, so she advises testing them out on the surface of your go-to gym. “There should be an area of your gym that has a surface that will work with the sliders.”

And in general, whether you’re working out at the gym, at home, or on the go, Johnson says sliders generally work best on a smooth surface like turf, a slide board, tile, or wood.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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