If the closest you get to a moment of zen is scrolling through yoga poses on Instagram, let’s redirect at least some of that time into a practice you’ll actually stick with—enter our April 2024 Movement of the Month Club, a 4-week yoga challenge that aims to bring you some much-needed, real-world tranquility.

Don’t worry if you’re still finding your footing in downward dog or if the idea of touching your toes feels more like a distant dream than a reality. This program is all about meeting you where you are and helping you through each pose with grace, patience, and maybe a touch of sweat.

Guiding you through the next month is Paige Willis, RYT-200, certified yoga instructor and founder of Undone, a pop-up yoga experience. Her goal is to expand the definition of who yoga is for—everyone.

“Yoga can be practiced by anyone, no matter your age, body type, or background,” she says. “The part people miss about the practice today is that it’s deeper than the physical postures themselves.”

“The part people miss about the practice today is that it’s deeper than the physical postures themselves.”

“When we focus on arriving into the moment, we practice yoga. When we sit down and take five deep breaths, we practice yoga. When we commit to learning and bettering ourselves, we practice yoga. And if you think about it that way, it becomes far more accessible than the pretzel-like shapes and skin-tight clothing it’s often reduced to.”

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi looking to deepen your practice or a curious newbie eager to dip your toes into the world of yoga, consider this your official invitation to join us on this journey. Roll out your mat, take a deep breath, and flow through the next four weeks with us. Your body, mind, and soul will appreciate it.

Join us for the benefits of yoga

Yoga isn’t just about achieving Instagram-worthy flexibility—it’s a holistic practice with a ton of benefits for your body and mind. From enhancing flexibility and strength to improving balance and posture, yoga provides a full-body workout that leaves you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

But the benefits extend beyond the physical. Through mindful breathing and meditation techniques, yoga cultivates a sense of inner calm and mental clarity, helping reduce stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Moreover, regular yoga practice can boost your immune system, promote better sleep, and increase overall well-being, according to a February 2022 study in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, leaving you feeling more centered, grounded, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

How the 4-week Movement of Month Club yoga challenge works

Starting Monday, April 4, 2024, you’ll have one yoga pose to do each day, finishing with a full, 5-minute flow every Sunday. And each week has a different theme, helping you feel better from head to toe by the end of the month:

Week 1: Foundational Yoga Poses

  1. Mountain Pose to Extended Mountain Pose
  2. Forward Fold to Halfway Lift
  3. High Plank to Low Plank
  4. Upward Facing Dog
  5. Downward Facing Dog
  6. Warrior 1
  7. Weekly Yoga Flow

Week 2: Lower-Body Strength and Balance

  1. Chair Pose
  2. Power Lunge
  3. Crescent Lunge
  4. One-Legged Mountain
  5. Standing Figure Four
  6. Tree Pose
  7. Weekly Yoga Flow

Week 3: Hip Openers

  1. Goddess
  2. Star Pose
  3. Warrior 2
  4. Extended Side Angle
  5. Standing Side Lunge
  6. Half Pigeon
  7. Weekly Yoga Flow

Week 4: Restorative Yoga Poses

  1. Child’s Pose
  2. Bridge Flow
  3. Supine Windshield Wipers
  4. Supine Twist
  5. Happy Baby
  6. Corpse Pose
  7. Weekly Yoga Flow

Calendar for the 4-week yoga program

calendar of the Movement of the Month Club 4-week yoga challenge, showing a specific yoga move on most days followed by a full flow on the last day each week


‌Get a printer-friendly version of the calendar here.​‌

How to join the Movement of the Month Club

1. Print and/or save your calendar

Print out the calendar above or save it to your phone and use it each day to help you stay on track. Do each day’s pose (or flow), then check off that box when you’re finished.

2. Join the club on Facebook

Our community of 60,000 members (and growing!) is here to support and motivate you through the month. Tell the group how the day’s routine went, post photos or videos of your yoga poses or share your favorite yoga-related meme or motivational quote.

3. Grab your yoga mat (and props)

You don’t need anything but your body for this program. But you may want a yoga mat, strap, blocks, towel or bolsters to help ease you into some poses. Don’t have any at home? Shop our recommendations for yoga accessories:

Tip: You can also use towels, blankets, books, belts, scarves, foam rollers and other household items you already have in place of these props.

4. Practice your poses

On Day 1, start with mountain pose to extended mountain pose from the Week 1 Flow. Check out the links below for details on each of the three workouts:

5. Celebrate your success!

You made it to the end of the 4-week yoga challenge! Take some time to appreciate that accomplishment—and let us know how it went in our Facebook group.

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