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Heading out the door for a run is hard enough as is. What makes it even harder? Logistics, like where the heck to put your phone while you’re running. Unless you own a cellular-enabled watch, it’s likely that your phone accompanies on your runs—whether you use it to track your miles, listen to music, or just to have in case of emergencies. Necessary as your phone might be, carrying it in your hands can become cumbersome. Thankfully, the best phone holders for running can offer you a place to store your device when you’re on the move.

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The Best Phone Holders for Running, at a Glance

  • Best Overall: Flipbelt, Classic Running Belt, $34
  • Best Adjustable Belt: SPIbelt, Dual Pocket Pro, $39
  • Best for Trail Runs: Arcteryx, Norvan Belt, $70
  • Most Versatile: Koala, Clip Lux, $34
  • Best Armband for Phone Access: Nike, Pocket Arm Band Plus, $35
  • Best Armband for Large Phones: Tunebelt, Sport Armband AB92, $22
  • Best for Travel: Janji, Multipass Sling Bag, $56
  • Most Comfortable Armband: Sprigs, Armband, $25
  • Best Handheld: Nathan, Speedview Plus, $40

What To Look For in a Phone Holder for Running

According to Johanna Iwanicki, merchandise manager at Fleet Feet and avid runner, comfort is the most important factor in selecting a phone holder for running. You want an option that won’t chafe or bounce around while you run, regardless of what you choose. You’ll also want to consider your preference as to where to store your phone—be it on your arm, around your waist, in your bra, or somewhere else.

The other big consideration: How much access you want to have to your phone, says Iwanicki. If you want to see your phone to read messages or skip through songs, you might want to opt for an armband with a touch-sensitive screen. Runners who want to access their phone to consult a map or take a mid-run selfie might prefer a running belt, rather than having to wrestle their device out of an armband. Safety is also a top priority: “If you were in a situation, how easily could you get your phone out?” asks Iwanicki. “That’s always something to keep in mind.” Also, think about what you’ll need to carry along with your phone (Snacks? Gels? Water? Keys? Your credit card? Extra layers?) and how much room you’d ideally like to have.

Whatever you opt for, buying a high-quality product is key since it’ll be put through its paces with sweat, weather, and anything else your run brings. I tested some of Iwanicki’s recommendations, plus even more phone storage options, to see which ones stood up to the test.

Shop the Best Phone Holders for Running

Flipbelt Classic Running Belt

Best Overall: Flipbelt, Classic Running Belt — $34.00

The Flipbelt is a classic for a reason, and it ranks as one of Iwanicki’s favorite running belts for its no-bounce fit, multiple storage options, and ease of getting your phone in and out. Though belts like this one can be more challenging to get on and off (you have to step in and out of it), Iwanicki says they often last longer and are less likely to bounce or get stretched out than models that include some sort of adjusting mechanism that could break, slide, chafe, or stretch over time. Of course, there’s a downside to belts that aren’t adjustable—if you get the wrong size, you’re out of luck, and some runners may find themselves in between sizes. In my experience, though, the Flipbelt fit perfectly, and was so secure and bounce-free that I forgot it was there. And though it may look small, it has more storage than you’d think—the super stretchy fabric can hold just about anything you could ever need on the run in its multiple pockets.

Phone sizes supported: Fits nearly all phones

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Colors: 14, including patterned and reflective options

  • Bounce- and chafe-free
  • Internal key hook
  • Additional pockets
  • Easy phone access
  • Not adjustable
  • Takes a while to dry
  • No screen visibility

SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro

Best Adjustable Belt: SPIbelt, Dual Pocket Pro — $39.00

I’ve tried many belts similar to the SPIbelt before—essentially a pouch on a buckled strap—and have always experienced either bouncing or riding up. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro did neither. Though the belt itself looks tiny, each pocket stretches to hold a decent amount of volume, though larger phones may feel like a tight squeeze, and it may be challenging to retrieve one item out of a pocket without the rest of the items falling out. But overall, the SPIbelt is a great option if having that adjustable fit is important to you. Plus, SPIbelt offers a Belt Extender for larger waists.

Phone sizes supported: Fits all phone sizes

Sizes available: One size (for waist sizes from 25 to 47 inches)

Colors: 3, including patterned option

  • Adjustable fit, without any dangling straps
  • No bounce or chafe
  • Space for gels, credit cards, and other essentials in separate pocket
  • No screen visibility
  • Not water resistant
  • Small pockets

Arcteryx Norvan Belt

Best for Trail Runs: Arcteryx, Norvan Belt — $70.00

A challenge even greater than figuring out how to carry your phone on the run? Finding a comfortable, not-annoying way to store hydration, whether you’re out on the trails or in the midst of a marathon training plan. Arcteryx’s Norvan Belt has you covered for both, with dedicated pockets for your phone and a 500-milliliter soft flask, which comes with the belt. The Norvan is a great alternative to a vest, whether you find those uncomfortable or prefer bottle hydration to vest hydration. And unlike many other running belts made of thick fabric, the Norvan is made of light nylon for maximum breathability on hot, humid days.

Phone sizes supported: All phones

Size available: XS-XL

Colors: 2

  • Comes with a 500-milliliter soft flask and dedicated hydration pocket
  • Breathable fabric
  • Lots of storage space
  • No screen visibility
  • Not adjustable
  • Pricey

Koala Clip Lux

Most Versatile: Koala, Clip Lux — $34.00

While tucking a phone into your existing running apparel—whether a bra, a jacket, or a pair of shorts—is often the easiest option, it isn’t always an option that’s available. Enter the Koala Clip, which is made to clip onto the back of your bra (usually inside of the bra for better security and less bounce). If you’d prefer to clip it on the outside of your bra, or even onto your shorts or pants, you can do that, too—just know that you may experience some bounce without your bra holding it in place. Iwanicki points out that while we do now have bras with built-in phone storage, we’ve still got a ways to go in terms of size inclusivity in sports bras, so the Koala Clip allows runners to turn whatever sports bra works best for them into one that can store a phone. Pro tip: Opt for the Lux version for more color options, nicer fabric, and stronger magnets keeping the clip secure and bounce-free.

Phone sizes supported: All phones

Sizes available: M-XL (based on phone size)

Colors: 3

  • Versatile placement options
  • No bounce or chafe when worn inside bra
  • Doesn’t work with all bras (best with a classic racerback style)
  • No screen visibility
  • Doesn’t hold much more than a phone

Nike Pocket Arm Band Plus

Best Armband for Phone Access: Nike, Pocket Arm Band Plus — $35.00

Find yourself wanting to read a text message or skip to the next song without taking out your phone? The plastic screen on the Nike Pocket Arm Band Plus allows for full navigation while your phone is still attached to your arm. Should you need to take your phone all the way out, the Nike band’s design makes that a quicker, less fussy experience than with many other bands.

Phone sizes supported: Most large smartphones

Sizes available: One size

Colors: 1

  • Screen visibility with full navigation
  • Zippered pocket for security
  • Relatively easy phone access
  • Adjustable strap may be too big or too small for some arm sizes
  • Doesn’t fit much more than a phone

Tunebelt Sport Armband AB92

Best Armband for Large Phones: Tunebelt, Sport Armband AB92 — $22.00

Even with armbands that supposedly support all phone sizes, getting larger phones to fit can sometimes be a squeeze, especially if you want to leave your case on. Tunebelt’s AB92 model has extra depth, so it can hold even big phones in big cases. Plus, it has everything else you want in an armband: Screen visibility, soft, comfortable fabric, and a secure, no-bounce fit. As a bonus, Tunebelt sells an Armband Extender to accommodate larger arms.

Phone sizes supported: Most phone sizes

Sizes available: One size (fits arms from nine to 16 inches)

Colors: 1

  • Ample space for large phones and cases
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Screen visibility with full navigation
  • Smaller phones will slide around
  • Doesn’t fit much more than a phone

Janji Multipass Sling Bag

Best for Travel: Janji, Multipass Sling Bag — $56.00

Going for a run in the morning and to a music festival in the afternoon? Janji’s Multipass Sling Bag is versatile enough to do both. Store your phone and whatever else you may need on or off the run in its ample outer or more secure inner pocket. For errands, travel days or other adventures, choose between wearing the belt as a fanny pack, or as a more stylish cross-body bag.

Phone sizes supported: All phones

Sizes available: One size (comes with adjustable strap)

Colors: 7, including patterned options

  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Ample storage space
  • Versatile and stylish for off-the-run use
  • Too bulky if you just need to store a phone
  • No screen visibility

Sprigs Armband

Most Comfortable Armband: Sprigs, Armband — $25.00

The velcro on some armbands that strap on can cause chafing and discomfort. This one, from Sprigs, slides on, and is made of performance fabric that feels soft on skin and stays in place. And for an armband, it has relatively easy phone access, as the phone sticks out slightly and is strapped in at the top (though, as always, getting the phone back in is harder than getting it out). A major bonus: You can throw the Sprigs into the washing machine between runs.

Phone sizes supported: All phones

Sizes available: M-XL

Colors: 1

  • Comfortable
  • No bounce or chafe
  • Machine washable
  • No screen visibility
  • Not adjustable
  • Doesn’t hold much more than a phone

Nathan Speedview Plus

Best Handheld: Nathan, Speedview Plus — $40.00

Typically, running with your phone in your hand isn’t a great idea—there’s the risk of dropping it, plus, if you happen to trip and fall, your instinct may be to try and protect your phone rather than your body. One exception: If you already run with a handheld water bottle, you might as well get one that can also store your phone. The Nathan Speedview Plus is Iwanicki’s pick, with a grip-free carrying strap to keep your hand available and a transparent plastic pocket so you can use your phone without taking it out.

Phone sizes supported: Most phone sizes

Sizes available: One size

Colors: 1

  • Grip-free
  • Screen visibility with full navigation
  • Two-in-one functionality
  • Doesn’t fit larger phones or cases

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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