Dive fearlessly while keeping track of your swimming performance by using the best waterproof smartwatch.

Do you love diving deep in the pool but hate leaving behind your smartwatch? We get it! Swimming is one of the most effective workouts that can help build endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and more. While keeping track of your training metrics can help you accomplish your fitness goals, traditional smartwatches may not help you track your progress underwater. To tackle these issues, using the best waterproof smartwatch can be an effective solution as they are specially designed to withstand the chlorine and help you get valuable insights about your training to transform with every swimming session. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer, looking for ways to optimise the training metrics or a recreational swimmer, this list of the best waterproof smartwatches for women can cater to diverse needs.

6 best waterproof smartwatches

The best waterproof smartwatches in India are designed to transform your swimming sessions by providing you with data about your performance underwater. They are also equipped with functions like heart rate monitoring, and GPS tracking and offer seamless connectivity without getting damaged by water. Check out this list of the top waterproof smartwatches and choose the one that suits you best:

1. Noise Vivid Call 2 Smart Watch

Conquer the open water with confidence by using the IP68 waterproof smartwatch from Noise. It claims to help you experience hands-free living with the calling functionality on your wrist. With its 1.85” display, you can enjoy a clearer and bolder viewing experience. This smartwatch can also get connected with the NoiseFit Prime app, which can help you keep a check on your health metrics, track your workout and more. It comes with a battery life of 7 days, which allows you to use it throughout the week without any disruption. This watch promises to track your heart rate, SpO2, sleep and stress levels.

2. Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 Plus 1.83” Display Smartwatch

Are you tired of basic fitness trackers that cannot withstand water? Try the best waterproof smartwatches for swimming. This one from Fire-Boltt comes with a 1.83-inch large display and 240*284 pixels resolution. It is an IP68 water-resistant smartwatch, which features inbuilt games, 118 sports modes, 7 days battery life and over 100 cloud-based watch faces. This smartwatch for swimmers also features a smart health assistant, which helps to keep your SpO2 levels in check and over 24/7 dynamic heart rate tracking. It may also help to track your sleep, thus helping you enhance your sleep quality.

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3. Fastrack Limitless Glide Advanced UltraVU HD Display IP68 Smartwatch

Do you love open-water swimming but worry about losing track of the progress? The Fastrack Limitless Glide Advanced UltraVU HD Display IP68 Smartwatch helps you enjoy a seamless calling experience. Its 24*7 health suites can track your sleep, SpO2 levels, breathing exercises, heart rate and monthly cycles. This smartwatch also features 100 plus sports modes, AI coach and auto multisport recognition to help improve your performance. This smartwatch has a battery life of up to 7 days under standard conditions and up to 3 days with Bluetooth calling.

4. CIBERER BEYOND3 Smartwatch

Never miss a moment in the pool again by using this long-lasting water-resistant smartwatch for swimmers. It comes with a 1.43” HD display AMOLED display and 466*466 pixels. The brand claims that this watch is shock-resistant, cold-resistant, humidity-resistant, heat-resistant, spray-resistant and rain-resistant. With its battery life of up to 14 days, this smartwatch is waterproof up to 30 metres with IP69K and a 3 ATM rating. It may even help to keep track of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, calories, breathing, sleep and more. This smartwatch also features over 150 sports modes like swimming, yoga, cycling and more.

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5. SKG Smart Watch

SKG Smart Watch promises to measure your blood oxygen saturation, analyse your sleep quality and monitor your 20-minute daily nap. It comes with a 1.7” HD extra-large full touch screen and can help track your health metrics like heart rate, stress levels and more. With its battery life of up to 8 days, this smartwatch comes with a 5ATM rating, meaning it is water-resistant up to 50 metres. It also features 14 sports modes to help you transform your lifestyle.

6. AQFIT W6 Smartwatch

AQFIT W6 Smartwatch can provide weather forecast reports, and give instant notifications of messages, calls, daily reminders and more. This lightweight smartwatch offers 1.69-inch full touch display with 240*280 pixel resolution. It comes with an IP68 rating, which makes this smartwatch waterproof and dust-resistant. This watch may also help you track your heart rate, sleep quality, blood oxygen level, calories, breathing and more. With its battery life of up to 7-10 days, this watch can offer seamless day-to-day operations. This smartwatch for women also features 15 sports modes, can read different signals and provide accurate readings and performance results.

How to choose the right waterproof smartwatch?

Here is a guide to help you pick the best waterproof smartwatch:

  • Ratings: Pay attention to the waterproof ratings of the smartwatch. Look for products that come with high waterproof ratings, which is indicated by an ATM (atmosphere) or an IP (ingress protection). Make sure the watch has a minimum of 5 ATM or IP68 rating for swimming and other water sports.
  • Use: Consider your purpose of buying a water-proof smartwatch. Do you need a smartwatch for swimming or are you looking for a versatile option to withstand rain or accidental splashes?
  • Features: Look at the features of the smartwatch. Opt for a watch which has swim tracking capabilities. Make sure that the product features GPS functionality, a barometer, health monitoring systems and more.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone. It will help you receive messages, calls and other notifications without having to check your phone.
  • Battery life: Consider the battery life of the smartwatch and opt for a product that has a longer battery life. It will help you use the watch for a longer period with less frequent charging.
  • Durability: Look for smartwatches that are made with durable materials that are sturdy, reliable and scratch-resistant.
  • Comfort: Choose a smartwatch that is comfortable on your skin and looks aesthetically pleasing.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can I monitor my swimming performance with a smartwatch?

Most of the smartwatches come with multiple sports modes, including swimming. These features can help you monitor metrics like lap count, stroke type, distance covered and more. According to Materials Today, waterproof smartwatches can be used in sports activities like swimming.

  • Can I wear a swim-friendly smartwatch outside the pool?

Swim-friendly smartwatches are designed to be worn inside and outside the pool. Besides their waterproof and performance monitoring features, these smartwatches are equipped with health suites that can help you track your sleep quality, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and more.

  • What is a 5 ATM waterproof?

The 5 ATM rating on a smartwatch indicates that the product can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 metres. A smartwatch with a 5 ATM rating can be used during swimming, worn in the shower or in the rain.

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