Learning how to be more practical and less emotional in life can help you lead a more sorted life where you focus on yourself rather than on pleasing others.

Often as we go about our daily life, we tend to perceive every aspect through an emotional lens that exists within us all. However, that may not always be the best way to look at things. When our emotions overpower us and our outlook, we may feel more vulnerable and make decisions in a wrong state of mind. It is in such moments that we may then wonder, “How to be practical in life?”

How to become more practical in life?

There are ways to gain a practical perspective in life. Health Shots reached out to psychiatrist Dr Shivangini Singh to understand how to be practical and not emotional.

1. Accept your emotions

Life goes on every day. But the problem arises when we resist the natural events of life. Instead of accepting and surrendering to the natural flow of life, we resist things that don’t go as planned or imagined. Learn to accept even the flawed parts of yourself. With acceptance comes peace and clarity and also the vision to make more rational decisions. “Accept that you are an emotional person. Be realistic and don’t try to repress your feelings because they may later erupt in their most terrifying forms – angry or frustrated,” says the expert.

how to be practical
Gain control over your emotions to lead a successful life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Understand your triggers

If you want to gain power over your emotions and become more practical then you have to start playing smart by first learning to identify your triggers. Once you become aware, you can become wise enough to not engage with the chatter or doubts in your mind. The expert adds that one needs to focus on the moments when you get over-emotional and identify the trigger situations. Write down and journal these incidents to later reflect upon the alternative way in which you could have behaved.

3. Change your approach

Decisions taken in a state of emotional upheaval lead to nothing good. We all must make an effort to start looking at events in life objectively to take better charge of life. Therefore, make no decisions when you are experiencing your highest levels of emotion because these states normally pass quickly. Instead, wait until you are feeling better before deciding what actions to take, suggests the expert.

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how to be practical
Learn the art of healthy communication in order to become more logical and practical in life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

4. Discuss and communicate

When something bad or unexpected happens in our everyday relationships, and we go overboard with our emotions and bottle them up instead of giving vent to them. That further leads to pent-up emotions and we end up losing our rationality. Work on your communication skills to effectively release your emotions in the form of a proper dialogue instead of hiding your emotions, which might add to your internal turmoil.

5. Self-coach

Constantly aim to see the wider picture. Consider the worst-case and best-case scenarios that could arise from this. Understand that everything, even your joy and sorrow, is fleeting. Only you have control over yourself. You don’t have to make an effort to dominate the others.

6. Don’t be affected by praise or criticism

If you try to mould yourself according to the praise and criticism you receive from others, you are not a practical person. If you want to know how to be practical, try to embrace the fact that everything you do in life can be subject to criticism. Trying to please others and changing your stance on matters just to feel accepted, is not a trait of a practical person. Work on building your own identity, your opinions and your personality.

These tips will help you be less emotional and be more practical in life. Trust us, you will feel more sorted than ever!

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