Manifesting your dreams into reality takes hard work and patience. Here are some tips to manifest what you want in life.

Turning dreams into reality is on everyone’s wish-list. But simply longing for it will not make things happen magically. You have to work towards it proactively by setting goals and keeping your intent clear about achieving them. These are a part of manifesting! Based on the concept of laws of attraction, manifestation is about thinking about how to make your dreams come true, and then doing everything it takes to achieve them. Whether it is love, money, a person or a house or something else on your mind, you should know how to manifest anything in life.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation refers to your achieving tangible benefits as a result of your thinking process. “Manifestation or the law of attraction is a concept that has gained popularity in the recent years which suggests that positive thoughts bring positive experiences and negative thoughts bring negative experiences into a person’s life,” explains psychiatrist Dr Shambhavi Jaiman.

Manifestation entails a lot more than just strong will power, determination and positive thinking. It has certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. And one of the most important things with manifestation is that it must be accompanied by patience.

Does manifestation really work?

Yes! It does work, at some level. At least, it works in ways that are sure to make you happier. A study published in Psychological Bulletin suggests that people who have a positive approach to their thinking and dreams meet with more success, than those who don’t. “The practice of manifestation fosters a sense of optimism and resilience which in turn helps an individual approach challenges with a positive attitude and is more likely to persevere in the face of setbacks increasing the chance of success,” explains Dr Jaiman.

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How to start manifesting?

Manifesting something requires you to follow a process with the utmost clarity. Here are some steps to follow while trying manifestation:

1. Set your goals

It is imperative that you are very clear about your goals. You should ideally sit and make a list of your goals and what exactly you want to achieve in life. A manifestation journal works wonders in recording these goals, and help bring in more clarity of thought. ‘One of the methods to do this is to keep your goals SMART – specific, meaningful, achievable, realistic, traceable,” says Dr Jaiman.

A woman making notes
Setting clear goals, making a list and even journalling helps in manifestation. Image courtesy: Freepik

2. Be positive

It is very important to try and get rid of the clouds of fear and disbelief that enter your mind at this point. You must believe that what you are trying to manifest would be true for you. This would require you to be mindful of what you are thinking. Phrases such as ‘it will happen!’ help you believe that what you wish for, will definitely come true. “Frequently it is our own mind and thoughts that get in the way of us not being able to achieve the things we dream of, believing in one’s self and having a positive mindset helps overcome this,” says Dr Jaiman.

3. A vision board

The next step is to make a vision board. This can be a mixture of pictures, quotes and other material about your set goals. This would help you visualise your goals. This board must be kept at a place where you can see it everyday, as this would help you believe in your goals.

4. Start journalling

Journalling is about a free-flow of expressions. This can help release inhibited thoughts and emotions like fear and regret and make it easier for one to move towards their goals, says Dr Jaiman.

5. Take positive action

It is very important to start to take steps towards achieving your goal. For example, if you want to manifest love, try to go out, meet more people and get to know them. Taking proactive steps can bring you closer to your goals, and this step must not be skipped.

6. Be grateful

Gratitude is a positive force of energy that will help you get positive results in return. It is very important for you to be thankful for all that you have now, and grateful for how things are changing. A good exercise to follow would be to write down something that you are thankful for each day before you sleep. You could also maintain a gratitude journal This would help you remain grateful. “Expressing gratitude also for a significant part of the journalling as they boost happiness and well being,” says Dr Jaiman.

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7. Say positive affirmations

Daily positive affirmations would give your thoughts a positive direction. It would prepare your mind for the success that lies ahead. Therefore, it is imperative that you practice the art of positive affirmations. A study, published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, states that positive affirmations make people more competent.

A note with the words,'thank you'
Gratitude is a big part of manifestation. Image courtesy: Pexels

8. Try scripting

This is when you write your dreams as if you have already achieved them. This is something like journaling in your future self. It is very important to do this regularly, for best results.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations help fuel positive thinking, it is seen as motivators to the mind at some level which helps the mind to follow through. “Affirmations should be based on your goals or what do you aim to achieve/ manifest in your life,” says Dr Jaiman. Frame your affirmations in positive terms by focusing on what you want to attract/ manifest rather that what you want to avoid. “Affirmations should be framed in the present tense as if they are already happening in the present. Make them as specific as possible and also realistic. Lastly visualise them and believe them,” says Jaiman.

What to keep in mind while manifesting?

Here’s what you should remember while trying to manifest your dreams:

  • Do not focus only on materialistic gains
  • Don’t ignore actions
  • You cannot overlook inner work
  • Don’t expect instant results
  • Don’t lose sight of reality
  • There is no fixed duration of the process for some it might happen quickly while sometimes it may not.

Happy manifesting!

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