Here is the list of the most valuable new year gift ideas to make the upcoming year healthier and happier for your loved ones.

New Year is an opportune time to express your love for your loved ones. Beyond the glitz of fireworks, the core meaning of the new year lies in the relationships and bonds we share. And what can be better than starting a new chapter in your life than making a conscious effort to strengthen your bond with your loved ones? In addition to all the celebrations and memories, the new year provides you with the chance to convey your heartfelt wishes by giving valuable gifts to your cherished ones. Moreover, the carefully chosen gifts serve as symbols of hope, prosperity, and happiness. So, this New Year, take a step further and rather than giving traditional presents, give a healthy packet of gifts to your closed ones. We have curated a list of the best new year gift ideas for you, so, let’s delve into it together!

Valuable New Year gift ideas for your loved ones

From treadmills to kettlebells, here are 10 new year gift ideas that you can consider giving your loved ones to make 2024 healthier and happier for them.

1. Yoga mat

Yoga mats are definitely the best new year gift for couples. And this extra-thick yoga mat from BOSTER is the perfect one for you because it provides amazing comfort and support. This anti-slip yoga mat is made up of high-density foam core and has advanced grip on both sides. It will allow your partner to stabilise his or her posture. This yoga mat reduces the likelihood of injuries and comes with a jute cover bag. Especially designed to fold quickly for storage, you can also use this yoga mat as a camping and trekking mat.

2. Pull-up bars

If you are looking out for new year gifts for friends, who are fitness freaks, nothing can be better than giving pull-up bars. The Lifelong pull-up bar is one of the best exercise equipment for home. Its doorway mount feature will help your friend incorporate this exercise into his or her daily workout routine. The product comes with a comfortable anti-slip rubber grip that provides the required stability to hold the rod firmly while exercising. It is one of the best equipment to perform intense exercises like chin-ups and pull-ups along with muscle strengthening exercises, which makes it one the best new year gift ideas for you to choose from.

3. Kettlebell

Another valuable gift for this new year is a kettlebell. The Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell will help your loved ones perform a wide range of resistance training exercises. Additionally, it improves bone health, helps burn calories, boosts the energy levels and enhances the mood of your loved ones. So, give this kettlebell under 2000 to your close ones to help them exercise their major muscle groups and enhance their core strength.

4. Air bikes

Air Bikes are one of the best new year gift ideas that we will suggest to you. This adjustable air bike exercise cycle from Amazon Basics works great for lower body and full body workout. Its belt-drive resistance improves pedaling techniques and promotes less-momentum-based recovery. Additionally, this exercise cycle offers a tummy twister feature, which helps you lose weight and get in shape without putting extra stress on the joints. This is the best home gym equipment because it comes with an LCD display that allows you to track your speed, time, distance and calories burnt. Moreover, it is equipped with a comfortable back support and adjustable tension knob.

5. Treadmills

Treadmills are another fitness gift item that you can present to your parents, friends or partners. This Lifelong treadmill features 12-set workout programs to set variable exercise mode. It will help your loved ones perform weight loss training and endurance training. Moreover, it is the best fitness equipment because it has a comfort cell cushioning technology with 8 rubber pads under deck for shock absorption. Additionally, this treadmill also features an anti-skid rubber surface to provide maximum comfort and safety. Designed to improve workout sessions, this treadmill has a large 6-layer running belt that gives a lot of space to walk, run and sprint.

6. Dumbbells

This Cube Club Adjustable Iron Dumbbells is the best gift for your family or friends. It can be used for multiple exercises and allows to increase the fitness level. Additionally, this dumbbell set will help your loved ones instantly switch between 15 different weights. Its compact design and rubber grip makes it safe and easy to use at any time.

7. Mountain bikes

If your siblings or partners enjoy the mountain view, what can be better new year gift ideas than giving them the best mountain bikes. This one from the brand, FitTrip is especially designed to provide a comfortable ride. Its dual disc brakes, comfortable saddle and grip will allow your loved ones to enjoy an amazing ride on all terrains.

8. Digital fitness tracker

Along with regular exercise, it is equally important to track body metrics. And this digital wireless weight scale and body composition analyser is the best fitness tracker. It measures BMI, bone mass, muscle, BMR, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body water, metabolic age, and body fat. Equipped with a crisp LED display, this product can be sync with fitness apps like Apple health, fit bit app and more.

9. Duffle bag

Gifting a gym duffel bag is the perfect gifting item for your closed ones. This bag from Nivia is one of the best new year gifts on amazon because it has a minimalist and elegant design. The brand claims that the bag has a long durability and adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has a large compartment with double zip closure. Additionally, it has a side mash pocket for a water bottle.

10. Exercise balls

For your fitness freak friend or sibling, a gym ball is the perfect gifting item. This gym exercise ball from Amazon Basics is one of the best new year gifts in India because it is ideal for exercise ball workouts. The study rubber construction allows it to bounce off hard surfaces. It helps enhance core strength, balance and coordination. Additionally, the ball comes with a warranty of one year.

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