If you work with your hands in some capacity, you’ve probably had sore wrists at some point. Maybe you had a super long barista shift or typed on your laptop from a weird angle. But while there are lots of workout and stretch routines for easing back pain or loosening your hips, the wrists all too often get ignored by fitness pros. That’s why today, Brian Spencer from Easter River Pilates is taking us through 15 minutes of wrist-friendly TLC.

If you’re someone who usually gets that white-hot ache in your wrists super easily whenever you’re on all fours during a workout, you’re not alone. But it might be a sign to work on your upper body strength so you can decrease the pressure on your wrists, Spencer explains. That’s why this Pilates for wrist pain workout includes exercises for the chest, arms, and shoulders.

“If you’re kinda wondering, Why we are doing so much shoulder work today?” says Spencer. “One of the main reasons for having a lot of wrist discomfort on all fours is the need to strengthen up those shoulders. When those shoulders aren’t super strong, your weight just gets kind of loaded into the wrist joint. So building up shoulder strength is a great way to reduce discomfort on your wrists.”

Expect a lot of repeated arm movements that involve reaching and using the full range of motion in your shoulders in this workout. There’s no move that Spencer doesn’t explain with a cheery, fun, and easy-to-understand delivery. As you’re extending your arms out, up, and around, with added hand movements to support strong wrists, he offers helpful visuals like “there are a million dollars on the ceiling that you’re reaching for.”

Doing this 15-minute series regularly can help you “go from wrist-pain friendly to wrist-pain free,” as Spencer cheekily puts it. Anything is optional, of course, and the best part? There are no vigorous, on-all-fours moves in sight.

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