The anticipation of summer has been brewing since Punxsutawney Phil declared that warmer weather would be coming early this year. But now that Memorial Day is right around the corner, your excitement is met with a reminder that it can all be a bit stressful.

Sure, there’s the joy of weekend trips, outdoor happy hours, and backyard BBQs—but between travel logistics, a packed calendar, and changes in schedule (read: the kids are out of school—help), it can be easy to feel more like hibernating.

Here’s the thing: Tuning into your mental health is essential all year long, no matter how sunny-with-a-light-breeze the forecast is. And needing a little extra support at any time of year is nothing to be ashamed about, says neurologist and herbalist Maya Shetreat, MD.

“When we support our mental health, we enjoy a greater sense of calm, connection, and pleasure in daily life. [Plus], when stressors co-present themselves—which likely will happen at some point or another over the course of our lives—we can face them with more resilience, creativity, and grace when we maintain our mental health.”

To support your mental well-being as summer kicks off, Dr. Shetreat recommends incorporating mood-supporting supplements into your daily routine. “Historically, herbal remedies have been the go-to approach for people who needed mental health support,” Dr. Shetreat says. “Nutritional supplements can also play a central role in supporting mental health by replenishing nutrients that are necessary for the nervous system to function effectively.”

Now how, exactly, are you supposed to find the right mood-supporting supplement for you? Pause for a second to think about your goals for the summer—are you hoping to sleep better this season? Think through your schedule a bit more clearly? Cultivate positive energy? Whatever you’re aiming for, you can get a whole slew of highly trusted supplements—that are rigorously tested for ingredient purity and potency—at The Vitamin Shoppe. Keep reading for Dr. Shetreat’s picks, based on your specific well-being goals.

To help with stress: L-Theanine — $45.00

This summer, stand-still Friday traffic has nothing on you… if you have L-theanine capsules in the glove compartment. “L-theanine is an amino acid that helps regulate emotions… and support relaxation and sleep,” Dr. Shetreat says. “In addition to being very well-tolerated with few to no side effects for most people, the relaxing effects of L-theanine kick in quickly and effectively, but with little risk of sedation or grogginess”—which makes it ideal for travel days, no matter what form of transportation you’re taking to get there.

To help you sleep more soundly: Sleep Gummies — $16.00

Hot sleepers, listen up: Windmill Consumer Products Relaxium Sleep Gummies may help you relax during tossy-turny summer nights. The supplement blends melatonin, vitamin D, and probiotics, which work to help support mood and immune function, Dr. Shetreat says. “In addition to the sleep benefits, melatonin is thought to play an important role in the body and brain as a…blood-sugar regulator, which [has its] own benefit in improved mental health.” And as for probiotics, “some strains have been called ‘psychobiotics’ because they are uniquely potent in helping elevate mood and reduce stress.”

To help lift brain fog: Vegan Omega-3 — $43.00

If your summer weeknights look like happy hour after happy hour, you may wake up feeling a bit, ahem, out of it. Add Wiley’s Finest Vegan Omega-3 Gummies to your morning regimen for a little help shaking off the night before and focusing on the day ahead. They’re chock-full of fish-free omega fatty acids, which help with lethargy and irritability, Dr. Shetreat says. Hello, productivity.

To encourage calmer energy: Magnesium Glycinate — $22.00

Need some help mellowing out after a family beach day or a too-close-quarters weekend away? Dr. Shetreat suggests trying Trace Minerals Research’s Liquid Magnesium Glycinate—a well-absorbed form of magnesium. “I am a huge fan of daily magnesium for just about everyone’s mental health,” she says. “It is a calming tonic for the nervous system, improving sleep, and generally [supporting] mood.” Give it a try—and then give yourself some grace as you support your mental health, all summer long.

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