When the SoulCycle at-home bike launched in early 2020, it brought all of the brand’s most-beloved elements into living rooms across the country. Superstar instructors, A+ playlists, and body-burning choreography were suddenly available at the push of the button… as long as you had $2,500 to invest in a bike. The equipment is next-level amazing (I’ve written at length about how much I, personally, love it), but there’s no denying that it’s a major investment, which is why we are beyond excited to share that from now (technically since yesterday) until November 30, you can snag the bike for a full $600 off of its regular price.

In honor of the holiday season, SoulCycle’s bikes are now available for $1,900 instead of the usual $2,500, plus free shipping (which will save you another $250). Though it’s still a pretty lofty price tag, considering an in-studio class costs $36 (or more, if you opt-in for shoe rental), you’ll break even on the cost after only 52 at-home rides. The platform is constantly uploading new live and on-demand classes ranging from 10-minute trainer-led strength sessions to hour-plus choreographed rides, which means you’ll never get bored of the offerings… and hitting that magic “52” number will happen a lot more quickly than you might expect.

In my opinion, what makes the SoulCycle bike stand out amongst the plentiful home spin options on the market is how closely it mimics the in-class experience. The audiovisual experience is fully immersive, and in addition to the head instructor, you’ll get to ride alongside other students as well as a “form guide” who you can pin to the bottom of your screen if you need help pedaling or tapping it back to the beat. This makes it incredibly easy to ensure you’re keeping up with the moves, and if there’s ever any question of whether or not you’re doing it right, the bike also comes equipped with tech that keeps track of your speed, distance, resistance, and power. You can sort through classes by instructor, difficulty, music genre, and theme, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a good—not to mention enjoyable—workout every time you clip in.

So if you’ve spent the last two years trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge on an at-home SoulCycle bike of your own, consider this major deal a sign that it’s officially time. Use code HOLIDAY2021, and get ready to fall in love with an entirely new breed of living room workouts.

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