Exercise should feel like a treat not a chore. In the latest episode of Good Moves, you get a boxing cardio workout that tricks you into spiking your heart rate. How can you not have fun when you’re letting off steam? “It’s a fast way to get your muscles fired,” says Michelle Sim, boxing coach and creator of Move with Mich. The 15-minute workout fly by (because you’re having fun).

After a quick warmup that includes exercises like lateral lunges with toe reaches for a feel-good back stretch, toe touches to stretch out your hamstrings and loosen up your shoulders, and a round of high knees, you’re ready to increase your heart rate even more and move onto the cardio portion… as if you weren’t already feeling the burn.

There’s really no stopping during this boxing cardio workout. You’re always moving around, even when you’re lightly bouncing in your boxing stance with your hands up by your face. And there are combos that will ignite your muscles from head to toe, like the power jab to hop (basically a fun take on jumping jacks) and both single and double speed bag punches (no speed bag needed). There’s also a round of shadowboxing that requires some coordination, so—pro tip—you might want to check out the beginner boxing workout first.

To finish off your boxing cardio workout, you’ll be doing some mountain climbers (50, to be exact!), intense burpee push-ups, and then all the relaxing stretches you’ll ever need to calm your body back down after doing cardio.

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