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While it can be fun to incorporate the cool workout equipment you accumulated over the course of quarantine into your sweat session (hello, Bala Power Ring), sometimes you just need to keep things simple. Nicole Uribarri, program director and founding instructor of Bande, takes you back to basics in this episode of Trainer of the Month Club. She demos a classic barre workout that works your entire body in 20 minutes, no special equipment necessary.

“The goal today is simple, but not easy. It’s a classic barre class that’s meant to heat you up and work you out from the inside out,” says Uribarri. “So just do your best, and most importantly enjoy it.”

The first few minutes will get your blood flowing—and then the real work begins. Over the course of the session, you’ll use the back of a chair (which, in this case, will function as a “barre”) to work your abs, glutes, arms, and legs with a series of “small, subtle, strong” movements. The exercises will require a focus on breathing, pulsing, and isolations, which will leave your entire body quivering by the time you get off the mat. In other words? Get ready to embrace those shakes.

“This is going to start to burn real quick,” Uribarri says. And in those tough moments when you want to call it quits, she urges you to live in the discomfort.”When you want to straighten the legs, when you want to give up, just remember this moment is temporary. It will pass, and it is worth it because you are getting stronger, you are taking time for yourself, you’re committing to you.”

So carve out 20 minutes in your schedule, and press play on the video above for a full-body barre workout your muscles will thank you for.

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