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If ever you needed proof that low-impact workouts could get you just as sweaty and sore as their higher-intensity counterparts, allow us to introduce you to this week’s episode of Trainer of the Month Club. In it, Kelsey Lindell, a personal trainer and disability advocate, is leading us through a full-body barre workout that’ll spike your heart rate and leave you glistening—no jumping (read: burpees) required.

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  • Kelsey Lindell, Kelsey Lindell is a Minneapolis-based fitness instructor, the founder of Shape Society Collective, and an advocate for people with disabilities. She has taught yoga sculpt, barre, HIIT, Vinyasa, Warrior Sculpt, and more at boutique and national fitness studios all around Minneapolis including CorePower Yoga and LifeTime Fitness. She has partnered with Nike, Lululemon, and Athleta to combine the power of sweat to bring awareness and funds to causes she cares about. Over the course of her teaching career, she has taught more than 3,500 students and has raised over $30k for social justice and disability-focused organizations.

“It’s all compound movements, but there’s no impact,” she explains. “A compound movement is when you work your upper body and lower body at the same time.” Even though the movements are small, since you’re activating multiple muscle groups at once, your body will be working double time to give you an extra-effective workout. While Lindell opts to use  Bala Bangles ($50) wrist-and-ankle weights for part of the workout, they aren’t mandatory—you’ll still get a solid sweat sesh in if you choose to forego any extra lbs. “It’s little tiny movements that add up to make a really big difference,” Lindell says.

Though the workout’s only 17 minutes long, your muscles are sure to be quivering by the end. And when things get extra tough, Lindell will lead you through it with words of encouragement. “I believe in you because you’re here, and you’re giving it your all. You’re at home working out, nobody sees you—you’re doing this for you. You’re taking care of you, you’re getting stronger for you,” she says.

Motivated and ready to get moving? Grab your weights and follow along with the video above.

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