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There are plenty of things I don’t exactly love about the winter months, and more frequent headaches land near the top of the list. After a recent days-long throb, unhelped by my usual go-to remedies, it occurred to me: maybe I’m just dehydrated.

Let it be known that I’m very attached to my emotional support water bottle, but I know for sure that I’m filling it up less during the winter months (slow sips of warm tea are way more appealing than chugging ice water when it’s already freezing outside). But with a bit of research, I discovered that hydration is arguably even more important in the winter than it is in the hottest months, because your body works extra hard to humidify the cold, dry air.

Given this new intel, plus the pulse between my temples, I figured the start of the year was the perfect time to commit to better hydration. And for a little help in kicking off my new era, I (obviously) turned to TikTok. There, I stumbled upon tons of #flavoredice content—and, within minutes, the 20-million-views-worth of freshly-frozen, pastel cubes had me mesmerized and convinced enough to try it.

I ordered a stock of fresh juice, a few variations of electrolytes, and a countertop portable ice maker, and voila: I’ve been crunching my way to hydration ever since. With this portable ice maker, which is on major sale at QVC right now, I’ve erased the notion that drinking water is a chore (or a bore).

portable ice maker for flavored ice

Igloo 26-Pound Automatic Portable Ice Maker — $100.00

Originally $175, now $100

  • Can make up to 26 pounds of ice a day
  • Works super quickly, so you don’t have to think ahead
  • Easy to transport anywhere for ice on the go
  • Self-cleaning, so you can try lots of flavors
  • Can be a bit noisy when ice is forming
  • Large cubes have a tendency to stick together

I’ve been living for a mid-morning pick-me-up of pomegranate-grapefruit hunks. And they’re so simple to make: I open the lid, add water and a splash of each juice to the “max” line, select either large or small cubes, and wait seven minutes before savoring a serving of blush-pink ice. When I want to switch gears for an afternoon cup of frozen black tea (seriously, try it), I don’t have to worry about leftover flavors creeping in or residue sticking to the machine, thanks to the Igloo’s self-cleaning function.

Some days, I add flat or sparkling water to my cup of cubes and let the flavor dissipate as they melt. Other times, I go liquid-less and treat the ice like a little hydration snack. And when I’m feeling really fancy, I serve up ice with cocktail garnishes like rosemary sprigs and lemon twists that make me look like a hostess extraordinaire when my friends stop in. Psst: They don’t need to know how effortless it is.

So if you’re looking to get in on the viral TikTok trend *and* keep yourself hydrated as you kick off 2024, join me in my flavored-ice era. Trust me—it’s chill.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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