Just like people, every dog is unique. They range in breed, size, and coat color—and just like us, they each have their own wellness needs, too. When we have concerns about our well-being—from stiff joints to digestive issues—we often turn to supplements (after discussing with our doctor, of course) to help support our bodies. So why shouldn’t your dog have the same option to personalize their wellness routine?

Laila Ali, retired boxer (yes, she’s Muhammad Ali’s daughter) and CEO of Laila Ali Lifestyle, had the same thought when she was looking for new ways she could support the well-being of her two pups, Malibu and Buddy. Since maintaining her health is such a priority for her, she wanted to follow suit for her beloved dogs.

“[Malibu and Buddy are] a big part of my family and I always make sure I’m taking care of their health, just like I’m taking care of my own,” Ali said during an interview with FOX 2 News.

The wellness upgrade she landed on was adding EverRoot Dog Supplements soft chews to her pups’ daily routine. Much like supplements for humans, EverRoot (powered by Purina) soft chews combine expert-backed, high-quality ingredients that have real well-being benefits with a yummy, fun-to-eat element—aka your dog will love them.

“There’s a range of everything [in the EverRoot soft chews line], depending on your pet’s specific needs so you can personalize their wellness plan [and] choose what’s best for [them to] make sure your pet is living its best life,” Ali said in the interview.

Looking to personalize your dog’s well-being routine? Here’s how each of the EverRoot soft chews can help support their wellness.


From the Flintstone chewable vitamins of your youth to the made-specifically-for-you supplements of today’s world, getting a little extra help beyond your regular diet to address several health benefits at once has always been a great way to support your health—and now there is a multi-benefit soft chew for your dog.

This formula uses spirulina to help support a dog’s immune system, as well as pumpkin and cod liver oil to support normal digestion and healthy skin and coat. That’s why 25-pound, two-year-old, French Bulldog Malibu takes one every day. “Malibu loves taking the multi-benefit supplement—it’s like a daily dose of pure joy for her,” Ali says.

Skin & coat

If you browse your local grocery store, you’ll see loads of supplements meant to support your hair and skin health. So who are we to stand in the way of our furry friends wanting to feel *and* look their best, just like us? These are a great option for dogs that have sensitive skin, thanks to the added vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid from wild caught Alaskan cod liver oil, which will help support healthy skin and a glossy coat for your pup.

Hip & joint

As you get older, you might notice that your joints seem stiffer than they used to. Dogs deal with the same issue as they age, especially bigger dogs, since they’re more likely to develop arthritis due to their size.

Ali’s eight-year-old Cane Corso Buddy weighs in at 140 pounds, and as he’s gotten older, Ali has noticed how regular exercise and activity seem to get more challenging for him. To ease his joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity, Buddy takes the hip and joint soft chews everyday. The green lipped mussels included in the formula provide anti-inflammatory benefits and help support healthy joints and connective tissue.

“EverRoot’s Hip and Joint supplement has been a game changer for Buddy, allowing him to enjoy life to the fullest with increased mobility and comfort,” Ali says.


You know tummy troubles aren’t fun, so you probably take a probiotic to support your gut health. The same can be done for your dog with this supplement combining the healthy gut benefits of a probiotic with fiber from psyllium husk and pumpkin. Grab some for your furry friend, especially if their stomach seems to be bothered by environmental stress or changes in diet (we’ve all been there). We love a family full of healthy guts—pets included.


We could *all* use a little more Zen, and don’t let your pup be the exception. If they are exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or responding to environmentally-induced stresses, these soft chews use natural chamomile and L-theanine from green tea extract to help them chill out without making them drowsy.

So make yourself a chamomile tea after giving them their dog supplements, and kick back together so you’re on the same relaxing, health-supporting wavelength.

Download the myPurina app to redeem a free sample of the EverRoot Multi-Benefit Soft Chew supplement for your pup to try.

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