Gal Gadot—you know, the real-life Wonder Woman—is the kind of friend you want to do all of your workouts with. And no—not just because, judging by her super-toned muscles, they’re incredibly effective. She also just seems to be having so much fun while she’s doing them, from start to finish—especially when boxing is involved.

In a video she posted to Instagram, Gadot showed off an arm-numbing boxing sequence that, despite being incredibly hard, also looks like the most badass and enjoyable way to work out, ever. Mostly because after effortlessly throwing all those punches, she finishes with a mini dance party at the gym. See? Just like I said. There’s no better workout buddy.

Since this lady’s schedule is pretty packed, there’s no reason you can’t just box it out solo, and Jennifer Aniston’s trainer Leyon Azubuike—the founder of the Cali-based boxing studio Gloveworx—has the ultimate line-up of moves that will leave you breathless. Oh, and sore. Definitely sore. “Boxing is the best way to get in shape because it incorporates so many body movements,” Azubuike says. “The core is always engaged and burning, and the arms are lengthening every time you throw a punch, so you’re getting a toning effect.”

With a combination of traditional cardio to increase your heart rate and a handful of the most effective boxing moves, it won’t be long before this combo has you feeling like a superhero yourself.

These 5 moves from Leyon Azubuike will have you on Gadot’s level in no time.

1. Jumping rope: Skipping rope isn’t just the perfect warmup. It’s also a killer way to work your entire body, from head to toe. “My top move is definitely the jump rope. It includes the shoulders, triceps, core, and legs,” he says.

2. Mountain climbers: These bad boys always get the job done, whether you like them or not. In an elevated plank, alternate driving your knees to your chest. “Do them for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, making sure your spine is neutral, core is tight, and shoulders are over the elbows and wrists,” he says.

3. Shadow boxing with two-pound weights: When you shadow box—AKA punch the air—while holding two-pound weights, you’ll get all the toning benefits, Azubuike says. Start with both hands at your chin and take turns alternating each arm, extending it fully before bringing it back in. Try them for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

4. Jumping jack to jab: Think of this as jumping jacks with a twist. “It’s starts like a traditional jumping jack, but here’s the kicker: After you land, immediately convert to your boxing stance and then throw a left-handed jab. Do another jumping jack, then throw a right-handed jab from your boxing stance,” he says. Continue alternating each arm.

5. The roll—AKA bobbing and weaving:Want to feel like a true boxer? Then you have to learn how to bob and weave. “This exercise hits the lower body and gets the legs, glutes, and core burning,” Azubuike says. “In boxing, it’s important to evade your opponents’ offense. With your hands at your chin, I want you to slightly bend your knees while keeping your chest up and back flat and do a move called the roll, also known as bobbing and weaving. Bend your knees just enough to where your legs start to burn and come back up in a U-type of motion.” After 30 seconds, your legs will be on fire.

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