There have been distinct activity phases during this pandemic. It began with baking bread, which gave way to doing puzzles, which gave way to learning TikTok dances. Learning how to play a musical instrument is in there somewhere. Now, we’ve entered the “everyone has a bike or is thinking about getting a bike” phase of this social-distancing lifestyle (much to my neighbor’s delight, I’m sure, as he no longer has to listen to me badly attempt to play my sad-girl music on the ukulele).

Once you’ve purchased a bike, though, you’ve got to figure out where to store it. Leaving your bike outside is basically just asking for it to be stolen. Storing your bike indoors, though, can be a challenge—especially if you have limited space. These indoor bike racks will help you make every square foot count; there’s an option for every scenario, whether you plan to keep your bike inside your tiny apartment or are stashing it inside your garage.

The best indoor bike racks for small spaces

Hasit Indoor Bike Rack
Photo: Amazon

1. Hasit Bike Floor Stand Bike Rack, $69

This bike stand is easy to put together, and doesn’t require you to anchor it to a wall. It can store your bike vertically or horizontally, so—as I like to tell myself when I’m sad about being single during a pandemic and an ex texts me back—look, you have options!

CB2 Indoor Bike Rack
Photo: CB2

2. CB2 Wood Bike Storage, $50

This wooden indoor bike rack from CB2 looks more like decor than a piece of storage equipment, and it’s also a tray that you can use to store essentials like sunglasses and hand sanitizer. It does have to mount to a wall, however, so if you rent your place like I do then this isn’t the option for us and I am very sad about that.

LifeStore Indoor Bike Rack
Photo: Amazon

3. LifeStore Adjustable Bike Rack Wall Mount, $32

Some indoor bike racks are a bit cumbersome, but this one is simple in design and can be used both inside your home or in your garage. Many reviewers note, however, that you must mount this rack to a stud—not just to plain old drywall—for stability.

Delta Cycle Indoor Bike Rack
Photo: Amazon

4. Delta Cycle Michelangelo, $56

It “doesn’t seem like it should work, but it does and it’s amazing,” one reviewer says about this stand. (Coincidentally, that’s also exactly what I say when I’m trying to justify a new toxic relationship to my friends.) Many reviewers agree that this bike stand is perfect for people who live in a small apartment. There’s also a four-bike option available.

Steadyrack Indoor Bike Rack
Photo: Amazon

5. Steadyrack Bike Rack, $90

It’s difficult to find bike racks that fit bikes with fat tires, but reviewers say this one does. And unlike some other racks, you don’t have to hoist your bike overhead in order to load it—you just use the handlebars to guide your front tire into the rack. Very important when you’re tired from taking your bike off some sweet jumps. It also swivels, so you can free up more space by folding it toward the wall.

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