Melons are healthy for summer diet due to high water content. But in a watermelon vs muskmelon fight, what is better for hydration?

The summer season is the best time to add refreshing and hydrating fruits to your daily fruit platter. These seasonal fruits are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals. They not only add a dash of sweetness to your diet but are also delectable in taste and guard you from dehydration in the scorching summer heat. Apart from berries, grapes, lychee and mango, watermelon and muskmelon are also a great addition to your summer diet. They have high water content which makes them the perfect summer fruit. However, while you gorge on these delicious summer fruits, have you ever wondered which fruit out of watermelon and muskmelon is more hydrating?

Health benefits of watermelon

This vibrant summer fruit boosts an eye-popping bright red colour and has a juice texture. It is known to have 92 percent water content and makes a great ingredient for smoothies, salads, ice-creams and beverages like cocktails and mocktails.

watermelon v/s muskmelon- which fruit hydrates better
In this battle of melons, both the melons stand out in their own ways and keep us hydrated all day long! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Watermelon is packed with vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as antioxidants like lycopene, which gives it its vibrant red colour. Lycopene has been known to reduce the risk of certain cancers while improving heart health. Watermelon is also low in calories and contains citrulline, an amino acid that may help improve blood flow and reduce muscle soreness, says dietician Neelam Bhist.

Watermelon also contains essential amino acids that make it a boon for heart health. The vitamin A and fiber in watermelon act as great immunity boosters, and enhance skin and digestive health.

Health benefits of muskmelon

While watermelon is always able to grab more eyeballs, muskmelon is no less in terms of its nutritional content. It has a sweet taste and orange flesh. This fruit, with almost 90 percent water content, becomes a star ingredient in many fruit bowls. You can use muskmelon in various forms like shakes, and puddings, or even make ice creams with muskmelon.

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Muskmelon is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and fiber which helps maintain electrolytes in the body. It is known for its sweet flavour and fragrance. Muskmelon supports healthy skin, aids digestion and helps regulate blood pressure due to its potassium content, says the expert.

watermelon v/s muskmelon- which fruit hydrates better
Watermelon is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A and C which are ideal to boost skin, immunity, and digestive health. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Watermelon vs Muskmelon: Which fruit hydrates better?

In terms of hydration, both watermelon and muskmelon have high water content, which helps in keeping the body hydrated. However, watermelon is known to have a slightly higher water content compared to muskmelon, making it slightly more effective in hydration. In this battle of melons, not one stands out as such. One can have any of the melons as per taste or preference.

Can we eat watermelon and muskmelon together?

It is always advised to never mix melons, watermelons, muskmelons, with other fruits. Melons should always be consumed with melons as their digestion is more rapid than other fruits. Melons have a high water content, so they might not get digested appropriately when combined with other fruits.

The bottom line

While both fruits offer numerous health benefits, the healthiest choice may depend on individual preferences and nutritional needs. However, incorporating both watermelon and muskmelon into your diet can provide a wide range of nutrients and hydration. Eating them together can make a refreshing and nutritious snack or dessert, contributing to overall hydration and well-being.

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